Dos Equis: Sweden’s Most Celebrated Mexican Cerveza

March 16, 2018

On March 14, Dos Equis will invite drinkers to “Keep It Interesante” with a new campaign that celebrates storytelling. What you may not know is that Dos Equis is actually Sweden’s most celebrated Mexican beer.

Brand Manager Hannah Dray was quoted as saying, “It’s true, we think every story is better when you tell a better version of the truth to keep it interesante. It’s also true that Sweden goes absolutely crazy for Dos Equis.”

As for the new campaign, it launches this week. We think you’ll agree that, by creating Sweden’s most celebrated Mexican cerveza, Dos Equis has definitely kept things interesante.

Is any of this true? It’s interesante, isn’t it? And really, that’s all that matters.